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Dear adoptive parents,

Following feedback from a number of adoptive parents, I have established a service to help and support adoptive families with the search for birth families in Russia. I have experience of undertaking searches on behalf of adoptive families and while the information is not always easy, adoptive families have found the search and ongoing contact to be very beneficial.

The search procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Adoptive parents send by email or post copies of the following documents, if available: 1. Court order; 2. Letter of abandonment; 3. Passports of birth parents. This will establish the essential information of birth mother/father name, siblings, DOB and last known addresses;
  2. Power of attorney maybe required in case the home address of the birth family is unknown and this additional information will be obtained from the Russian adoption authorities;
  3. Adoptive parents provide the birth family with the letter and photographs of your family as it will help to “melt the ice” and get the maximum amount of information from the birth family. At this stage we recommend that you do not disclose surnames, country etc until you have a clear picture of the circumstances of the birth family;
  4. The letter and other essential documents will be translated into Russian;
  5. We will commence a focused search to locate the birth family;
  6. Meetings will take place with officials from various Russian adoption authorities to a check for any additional information;
  7. On locating the birth family a meeting with birth family members will take place;
  8. Photographs and video will be taken at birth family/siblings homes with members of the birth family. Video will be made with English subtitles;
  9. Completion of detailed report on birth family/siblings based on information received from the Russian adoption authorities and visits to birth family/siblings homes;
  10. Adoptive parents will get the following information upon completion of the search procedure:
    • Photographs and DVD with home video of birth family/siblings;
    • Copies of birth parents/siblings documents, if any, such as copy of birth certs, ID and other personal documents, letters and postcards from birth parents/siblings;
    • Detailed report on birth family/siblings including: full names and DOB of birth parents/siblings, nationality, background and current social status, contact details – addresses of residence, home/mobile phone numbers, emails;
  11. On completion of the search we provide an ongoing method of communication with the birth family by offering a “one-step-removed” postal service/e-mail service. All correspondence between adoptive family and the birth family will be translated English/Russian, Russian/English;
  12. Support can be provided to the adoptive family with face-to-face meetings with the birth family when required. We will arrange all travel formalities in relation to your trip to Russia: visas, hotel booking, train/plane tickets, etc.

I have ongoing contact with the Russian Orphanages and the Russian adoption authorities, which will prove invaluable in the search. I will personally supervise the search myself and will meet the adoptive family if the search is successful so that I can give the adoptive family a first-hand account of the meeting and the circumstances of the birth family. This will ensure that the birth family is approached in a sensitive manner to ensure the best outcome for both the adoptive family and the birth family. Confidentiality of adoptive family’s country location, personal data and contact details is fully respected.

Search for the birth families will cover all Russia’s regions, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Denis M. Rybakov

Adoptive Family

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